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Types of signaling

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Why choose Panneau Bleu?

An idea that drives your way

51% of motorists made an unplanned stop at the sight of a tourist sign. Your establishment will benefit from excellent visibility, in addition to being on the side of the road. Encourage spontaneous visits by motorists!

Guarantee of great reputation and trust

Did you know that tourist signs are the second most popular road indicator tool? Indeed, 89% of motorists who responded to our survey feel confident about visiting a signposted establishment. Tourist signs represent a guarantee of safety and quality. Stay ahead of the road and increase your business.

Tourist signs and GPS are allies

Did you know that one GPS owner out of two prefers to follow tourist signs rather than their device? In addition, 84% of motorists arrive at their destination more easily when it is signposted.

More visitors equals more money

Make more money! Our customers noted a 49% increase in income following the installation of tourist signage, as well as a 56% increase in visitor traffic.

A successful program

Our customers are very satisfied with the tourist sign system. This is evidenced by a yearly renewal rate of 95%.

Increased visibility for less!

For less than $5 a day, your private tourist facility will be signposted along the highway. Imagine: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and that, for 3 years! No other opportunity will make your establishment as visible to motorists!

* Results from a survey of our 1,800 signposted clients.