New application

How to proceed with a new signage application (APPROXIMATELY 3 months)

Here are the steps for a new signage application:

  • Receipt of all documents duly completed by the customer
  • Approval of the documents by Tourisme Québec (2 to 3 days)
  • Sending of a cost estimate and approval by the customer (maximum 2 weeks)
  • On-site validation of signage itinerary requested (20 days)
  • Licence request from the municipality or from the Ministère des Transports (3 weeks)
  • Sending of a 3-year contract to the customer
  • Receipt of the signed contract and payment (maximum 30 days)
  • Manufacture and installation of the panels (maximum 30 days)

We ensure that every effort is made in order to install your tourist signs as soon as possible. Since there are many partners involved in this process, it may seem long sometimes.

Make a signaling request in 3 easy steps